Sunday, February 25, 2024

Property Management Tips for a Second Home


Property management for 2nd home is not everybody’s problem. Those who have exhibited the financial prudence it takes to acquire a second home know they cannot do it alone. Maintenance, security, taxes, someone has to take care of all that. Those who don’t have a family to entrust such responsibilities with go for professional property managers.

Responsibilities of a Property Manager

A property manager does more than keep track of taxes and real estate opportunities. They need to keep an eye on the property. Their responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance of CCTVs and regular tracking of activity around the property.
  • Preventing potential vandals from entering the property.
  • Making the property trespasser-proof.
  • Preventing pest infestation.
  • Preventing and repairing water damage.
  • Taking care of the occasional cleaning.
  • Guiding the gardener to keep the porch and lawn as the owners want.
  • Keeping an eye on the roof, drainage, and surrounding trees to ensure no harm to the property.

The job of a property manager is to uphold the value of the property. Houses locked empty for most of the year tend to catch on damage easily. The lack of airing out and everyday maintenance does that.

Property management for 2nd home is all about keeping the property in the best condition. The property should always be ready for the owners to host a party on short notice. It should also be in the best condition in case the owners want to rent or sell on short notice.

Property Care Tips for Second Home

An unattended property is like a child that needs constant monitoring. Here are some tips to ensure that the proper care is provided.

1] It takes a village

Keeping in touch with the neighbors, delivery agents in the area, garbage collectors, and the local sheriff helps keep the property safe. People won’t care about a random house lying there. After all, it is not an actual child. People care about people. If they know the owners, they do keep a watch.

2] Unscheduled visits

Just like parents sometimes pop up on their teenagers unannounced, homeowners need to visit their property without prior notice. This way, one can be sure that the people entrusted with the security and care of the property are in line. The good thing is that the house won’t get mad at the owner for doing this.

3] Living there

A second property has to be treated like a summer house or its equivalent. People need to live in it for a few weeks a year; without that, the house will be in shambles no matter how much care the property manager takes. It is best to spend a few weeks every six months.


Following these tips for property management for 2nd home will help keep the property in the best condition forever. It does take a lot of attention. It takes a lot of communication with the property manager. But it is all worth it.

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