Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Top Investment Ideas


To enjoy a future free from money worries you should look to invest each month. Ideally, if affordable you should be investing around 10% of your annual income to set yourself up for a stress-free future. Whilst investing has its pros and cons, it’s always beneficial to take it into consideration and weigh up which form of investment suits you and your financial situation.


There are many different companies you can look to purchase shares of, from Apple, to JD Sport, Wynnstay PLC, to McDonalds.

Benefits of purchasing shares:

  • Capital Growth
  • Wider Investment Portfolio
  • Shareholder Benefits
  • Liquidity
  • Dividends

Put simply, purchasing shares in a company can be an easy way to access money, particularly if you buy your shares low and the market changes rapidly to your benefit. The idea when buying shares is to buy low, sell high. You should ensure you aren’t basing your entire investment decision on the price of a share. Look into the company, the current shareholders, how the company is performing and if they have had any financial troubles over the year. Additionally, you should consider hiring a broker to do some research for you, therefore you have a point of contact and somebody whose knowledge is up to scratch and able to give you solid investment advice.


Property investments are always a great investment for any investment portfolio. Leverage, Stability, Positive Cash Flow, Capital Gains, Equity, and Control are just some of the benefits to purchasing property. It’s highly unlikely a bank will lend you money to invest in stocks and shares but putting your money into property will return a high chance of being lent the additional funds to purchase via a mortgage provider.

If you’re fortunate enough to be a cash buyer, you can invest your money into property development. This is the notion of purchasing a home, spending the time and money into improving the property and selling the property for more than you purchased. This is a fantastic way to reap the benefits of investing into property quicker than it would, should you be waiting to sell your home for few years. One thing to note however is that a quick sale is not always guaranteed and there are a lot of fees to take into consideration when purchasing a property.

Hard Commodities

Investing in hard commodities such as gold and silver has become increasingly popular over the last 12-18 months. With trust in the banking systems declining, many investors are broadening their investment portfolio to keep their money safe. The benefit of investing in gold is that you won’t lose your money unless you lose your commodity. You wouldn’t opt to sell your gold for less than what you bought it for, and generally, although the increase has peaks and troughs, gold typically increases in value over time.

One thing to consider when investing in gold or silver is the safety of your commodity. You should consider storing your gold the top priority when investing here, as unlike any admin certificates with property and shares, once you lose your gold, you’ve lost your money.